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Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Marie Curry (born August 6, 1982; Joliet, Illinois) is an American model, best known as the first winner of the reality television series America's Next Top Model. She is married to Christopher Knight, who portrayed Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. She runs a weekly show on the NowLive radio network, in which she is an investor. - wikipedia

On Twitter when asked by Brian Sapient if she had a belief in a god she wrote: "@rationalsquad I am more agnostic. I do not believe in organized religion, nor do I think the human mind capable of the complexity of reality" @AdrianneCurry 1/28/2010

Adrianne wrote a blog 18 months before the above quote in which she appears to identify with pantheism, here are some relevant quotes:

"I have a hard time believing that God would expect me to believe a bunch of ancient ramblings. This is 2008. Unlike the people who wrote the bible, we know the world is round, what gravity is, that dinosaurs once ruled our planet, etc etc. The utter lack of education of people that long ago is what pushes me away from "The Book". That, and the fact that a bunch of primative men wrote it."

"I find it an insult to my intelligence that "God" would assume we would just all believe in stories that we have NO EVIDENCE of. So, here I am not believing in organized religion, yet still entertaining the idea that there is more out there."

"Let me clear something up, I do not believe in "God" as a Man or Woman. I believe that "God" is energy, the stars, etc...The Universe is my temple"

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