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Candace Gingrich

Gingrich is the half-sister of House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

On page 178 of her autobiography, The Accidental Activist, she wrote:"I would have to be considered an agnostic -- at best. In my own life, I haven't found a need for organized religion. With all the hostile messages coming at me, including from the emissaries of various faiths, it's more urgent to believe in myself. Ultimately, we all have a responsibility to remind ourselves of our ability to be compassionate, respectful, and generous. I would rather rely on the nonviolent philosophies of the more open-minded Eastern religions for my moral guidance than the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament."

According to Candace's sister Susan, "Newt became a Baptist when he married, Rob and I are Presbyterian, and Candace is a vegetarian."

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