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Chris Kluwe

This page needs work. Currently it's a stub, simply a long quote from an ESPN article about Arian Foster. Please help build more info about Chris and his many statements about the holes in religion.

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe, who describes himself as "cheerfully agnostic," says, "It's an implied social construct that of course you're going to say the Lord's Prayer before the game with your team -- why wouldn't you? And of course there's going to be a military flyover -- why wouldn't there be? These aren't requirements, but they're assumed requirements. Religion plays a big role in the NFL, but I think it's a structural role. It's like white-male privilege; it's hard to see the role it plays if your entire life has been lived within that structure. If you're a religious guy in the NFL, you don't see the problem. You're the one in it. You have chapel or Mass on Sunday before the game. You have Bible study during the week. It's built into the structure." [1]

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