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Desmond Morris

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"There have been many arguments about the location of the immortal human soul. Could it be in the heart, in the head, or perhaps diffused throughout the whole body -- an all-pervading spiritual quality unique to the human being? The answer, it seems to me as a zoologist, is obvious enough: a man's soul is located in his testicles; a woman's in her ovaries. For it is here that we find the truly immortal elements in our constitution-our genes." -- The Human Animal (1994)

Two quotes from his 1967 book The Naked Ape:

"[Religion] has lead to a number of bizzare by-products, such as a belief in 'another life' where we will at last meet up with the god figures."

"In a sense, we still believe in an after-life, because part of the reward obtained from our creative works is the feeling that, through them, we will 'live on' after we are dead."