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Doug Henwood

Editor/Economics Journalist

Henwood is a noted left-leaning economics journalist, a contributing editor for The Nation, publisher of the Left Business Observer, and author of Wall Street (Verso Press).

He writes: "I wouldn't say I'm an atheist either. I have no idea whether there's a god or not, and I don't think humans could ever know. I know that the people who think god has revealed itself to them are full of shit, though.

"On second thought, 'full of shit' is pointlessly hostile. Let me change that to 'I know that the people think that a god has revealed itself to them are hallucinating, though.'"

The Web version of the Henwood's Left Business Observer is at



25-Jun-2003 He adds a clarification I have no idea if there's a god, and I don't think humans can ever know. Though sometimes people do good things in the name of religion (and sometimes they do bad things too), I wish it would just go away. And the critique of "organized" religion strikes me as an evasion - an unorganized "spirituality" is just as much mumbo-jumbo as the organized kind.

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