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Guillermo del Toro

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Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican film director, writer, and producer, as well as a novelist. He is one of the biggest names in modern day science fiction and fantasy. His film credits include Pan's Labyrinth, Mimic, Blade II, and the Hellboy film franchise. [1]
From a 2009 interview with Charlie Rose:

GDT: I mercifully lapsed as a Catholic, I say. But as Buñuel used to say, "I'm an atheist, thank God. You know, there is always, once a Catholic, always a Catholic in a way.

CR: So you're not with him or you are with him?

GTD: No. I think I'm lapsed enough. I'm lapsed enough. I believe in man. I believe in the worst and the best that has happened to this world. [2]