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How to create a page

Elements of Celebatheist page creation (Bill Maher) as an example:

1 CREATE PAGE: Type the name of person you are adding into celebatheists search bar. Make sure proper capitalization and spelling is used. The system will return a message stating: "You can create this page." (click it!)

2 BIO: Grab the first few sentences or crucial bio data from wikipedia and post at the top. Remove the footnote numbers when reposting. At the end of the paragraph post [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_maher wikipedia]

3 PICTURES: If there is an image at wikipedia of the person that you want to use, click it. It will look like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BillMaherSept10.jpg
Take the file name, in this case: "BillMaherSept10.jpg"
For the first picture listed on a celebatheists page use {{PersonSidebar|img=BillMaherSept10.jpg}}
Any subsequent picture used: {{PersonImage|img=Bill_Maher_and_Ingrid_Newkirk_by_David_Shankbone.jpg}}

4. QUOTES/DATA: Add any data or supporting quotes. Remain neutral in bias about their classification (atheist, agnostic, ambiguous, heretic, humanist, buddhist). You can however add commentary that clearly comes from the atheist POV. For example: A celebrity accepts an Oscar and thanks their parents for creating them. A few sentences could be written about how this is an anti-theistic statement.
As long as the data is there, it can't be done wrong. Pages can always be revised and improved upon.

5. CATEGORIZE: List the person in as many categories as you think apply. Here is a list: Categories
Make sure to list at least one of the "belief" categories: (atheist, agnostic, ambiguous, heretic, humanist, buddhist)
And list at least one of the career categories like actor, musician, activist, or politician.

[[Category:Atheist|Maher, Bill]]
[[Category:Comedian|Maher, Bill]]
[[Category:Author|Maher, Bill]]

6. OPTIONAL YOUTUBE VIDEO: You can add a youtube video with a description of the video. Preferably centered and it would look like this.

If youtube url is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5OAC5MtKn0

It would be listed like this:

<center>{{#ev:youtube|r5OAC5MtKn0|425|center|First reference of Maher accepting the word atheist}}</center>

Sources for finding Atheists to add to the Celebrity Atheist List

The Sandbox usually has pages that need to be added.

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