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Neil Jordan

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Film Director

Jordan, director of Interview with an Vampire talked with Salon writer Michael Sragow in December 1999. We join the interview in progress...

MS: Because of reincarnation --

NJ: It would have suited me down to the ground.

You know, we do have this need for mysticism. That is in my movies. And I always like to do stories about gods and monsters and imaginary beings of all kinds.

MS: And how does this fit into "The End of the Affair"?

NJ: Because God is the greatest imaginary being of all time. Along with Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the invention of God is probably the greatest creation of human thought. And I guess that's what compelled me to do a film of this Graham Greene book -- the challenge of portraying a man who's in a triangular relationship that's really a quadrangle, and one quarter will never reveal itself.

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