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Paul and Patricia Churchland


The husband-wife team of Paul M. Churchland and Patricia S. Churchland are noted for their work in the philosophy of mind. They are strong defenders of a materialist view of mind and are their work attempts to integrate the philosophy of mind with the findings of neuroscience and computational theory. They both teach at the University of California, San Diego. There Paul is a member of the Institute ofor Neural Computation, the Cognitive Science Faculty, and the Science Studies Program. Patricia is a Professor of Philosophy at San Diego, an adjunct professor at the Salk Institute, and a MacArthur Fellow.

The Churchlands are the authors of numerous works on philosophy and neuroscience. Patricia's works include Neurophilosophy, and The Computational Brain written with Terrence J. Sejnowski. Paul has written Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind, a textbook Matter and Consciousness and The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul.

Pat Churchland is interviewed in the Fall 1995 issue of Free Inquiry.

An interview with Paul Churchland can be found in WIRED 4.12 (December 1996, p252)


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