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Piper Chapman

Piper Chapman is a "made for tv" character adapted from the real life prison story of Piper Kerman author of "Orange Is the New Black." Piper Chapman serves as a creative director for the hit Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black" created by Jenji Kohan. Jenji previously worked on Weeds which often took shots at God and religion. It is believed by some that Jenji and/or some of her writers are anti-theist or at the minimum, atheist. If you have quotes supporting those assumptions please add them to this wiki page.

In several episodes of Orange Is the New Black viewers could tell that people with deeply held religious beliefs were a source of comedic relief to Piper Chapman. At one point she stated, "I believe agnostic is a copout, I consider myself a secular humanist." She made her views crystal clear in a now well known scene from episode 12 of the first season. She was trying to appease a religious freak known as "Pennsyltucky" by leading her to believe that she was asking Jesus for forgiveness.

Piper stated: “I can’t pretend to believe in something that I don’t, and I don't. Religious freak responds: Chapman, we've all had our doubts. Piper Chapman responds: "No, see this isn't doubts. I believe in science. I believe in evolution. I believe in Nate Silver, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Christopher Hitchens although I do admit he could be kind of an asshole. I can’t get behind a supreme being that weighs in on the Tony Awards while a million people get whacked by machetes. I don’t believe a billion Indians are going to hell, I don’t think that we get cancer to learn life lessons, and I don’t believe that people die young because God needs another angel. I think it’s bullshit. And on some level I think we all know that, don't you? Look I understand that religion makes it easier to deal with all the random shitty things that happen to us, and I wish I could get on that ride. I'm sure I would be happier, but I can't. Feelings aren't enough. I need it to be real.”

Atheism scene from Orange is the New Black Episode 12 "Fool Me Once"
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