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Riley Reid

An American Porn Star that grew up in Florida and entered porn in 2011 at the age of 19 has said she "believes in the Universe," is not a Christian or a follower of any conformed religion.

Riley Reid engaged her fans on Reddit and was asked a question about her belief.

Q. Do you believe in God?

A. I believe in the Universe.

She also tells this story on her blog about not enjoying the teachings of her church growing up, and helping her dad realize how wrong the church was.

"My dad was a part of this really judgemental Christian church that I was also apart of almost my whole teenage life. I hated it. It was those really bad kind of churchs that made me feel so guilty for even masturbating. I used to feel like a disgusting person as young adult masturbating or feeling horny because of this horrible judgmental GOD I was raised by. It was terrible. Thank GOD I grew up and realized that life isn't that way, it's a choice. A choice to actually act like a Christian and be loving and open to all people, incuding gays, trannys, sex workers, etc. Being a sex worker doesn't make you a bad person. Being horny never hurt anyone. Being gay never hurt anyone. Being a tranny, etc. If you lie within the act well that's bad, if you're doing actual bad things than that's what's bad, not the act of sex. Being a Christian is about avoiding the passing of judgement and it wasn't until I became a porn star and told my dad that he realized what a horrible person he had been. It was actually an amazing moment in our lives when he called me and told me how sorry he was for the way he raised me to be so hateful of people and judgemental, even though I didn't allow it to control me, he had allowed it to control him and the way he treated people, including myself. He would say things as a teenager to me like wearing hoop earrings makes you a whore. How the hell does hoop earrings make someone a whore?!? It was silly. Shortly after he told me how my being in porn opened his mind to being a non-judgemental person. He had changed churches and started hanging around other Christains who didn't pass judgement and realized that Christanity is about loving and accepting and not casting judgement upon others, it about sharing your love. I will say, I personally am not a Christian nor am I a follower of any conformed religion." [1]

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