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Robert X. Cringely

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Author and Computer Industry Gadfly

Cringely is probably best known as the host of the 1996 PBS miniseries "Triumph of the Nerds" which chronicled the strange beginnings and growth of the personal computer.

From an autobiographical sketch at, he expounds upon the apparent paradox of multiple 'Cringelys' . . .

"Through a cruel twist of fate having to do with federal judges and unscrupulous lawyers there is, for the moment, more than one Robert X. Cringely. You are right now reading the one true Cringely, author, raconteur, TV personality, and pizza delivery specialist. The "other" Cringely writes a column on the back page of InfoWorld, a weekly PC trade rag. That Cringely is really a woman, while I am an agnostic."