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Talk:Alan Alda

I strongly believe we should remove the "Ambiguous" tag on this article. Whoever wrote it did an extremely thorough job on explaining his beliefs and the rationale behind including him in three categories. However, in my opinion, Alda is straight-up an agnostic-atheist. Even during the period of time when he was calling himself an agnostic, it had to do with the misconception that "atheist" meant "gnostic atheist"...which it doesn't. As he says, he simply lacked a belief. That's a classic case of weak atheism. The lines which seem to get him filed under Ambiguous are "These are wild speculations, of course, and they're probably based on a desperate belief I once had that we could one day understand ourselves. But, I might have changed my mind on that one, too." So, he's saying that he might have changed his mind, which would mean that he believes we CAN'T understand ourselves." So what? That doesn't refer to the God debate whatsoever. Again, perhaps I'm missing something or have misread the meaning of the last two lines, but I think we can remove the Ambiguous label.

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