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Talk:H.P. Lovecraft

I strongly feel that Lovecraft should be moved to the ambiguous category. The second citation here shows a clear rejection of religion, but that does not exclude the possibility that he is still a believer. So, the evidence we are left with is the first citation: his supposed profession of atheism in "A Confession of Unfaith." I don't have this writing in front of me to directly quote, but I am absolutely certain he does not state that he is an atheist in that writing...despite what the title might imply. Instead, he goes through his entire history of religious/spiritual evolution. His views are on par with George Bernard Shaw's in terms of their complexity, but I believe he'd probably best fall into an ambiguous/Pagan category. I specifically checked out this material to either confirm or deny this claim of his atheism (since no direct quotes were posted) and I came to a certain conclusion that this claim must be denied. I would have quoted the article on here at the time, but it's so complex that it would be impossible to quote any one passage without misrepresenting his views. I would really have needed to type up the full 6 or 8 pages....which I wasn't that keen on doing.

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