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Warren Ellis

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British Comics Writer art

Ellis's credits range from fairly mainstream works such as Marvel's Excalibur to more adult-oriented fare such as Transmetropolitan, a book printed by DC Comics' Helix imprint of sci-fi books (and featuring a character inspired by Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson). Ellis also maintains his own web site at

In a (Nov 1998?) e-mail to members of his mailing list, Ellis was giving background on Marvel's decision to abort a project entitled Last Gasp which he had been writing. The e-mail included the statement, "Something bad was going to happen [in the story]. It grew out of my atheism, my hate, and, curiously, my little-seen optimism."


On January 7th, 2006, Ellis offered himself up for questions on his message board The Engine. In response to a question about his philosophical/religious beliefs he replied:

"There is no divine or godhead. We live and then we go in the ground and feed worms. Life is not a rehearsal, nor is it a precursor to the good stuff. This is it, and we get one shot at making things better for those around us and those to come."