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A. C. Grayling

In a May 3, 2006 Commentary [1] in the Guardian, Grayling proposes that atheists refer to themselves as 'naturalists', as 'atheist' "already sells a pass to theists, because it invites debate on their ground."

Conversely he says that "people with theistic beliefs should be called supernaturalists, and it can be left to them to attempt to refute the findings of physics, chemistry and the biological sciences in an effort to justify their alternative claim that the universe was created, and is run, by supernatural beings."

He chastises religion for its indoctrination of "intellectually defenceless three and four-year-olds" saying "[l]et us challenge religion to leave children alone until they are adults, whereupon they can be presented with the essentials of religion for mature consideration." He goes further to allege that it is a form of child abuse, as Richard Dawkins has recently done in a BBC series.

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