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Al Stewart

Stewart is known for his two gold albums (Past Present and Future and Modern Times) and two platinum albums (Year of the Cat and Time Passages).

Asked among a gathering of fans after a concert in Philadelphia a few years back if he was a Catholic, Stewart said no that he was an agnostic.


Had compulsory school prayers left Al with any religious belief? "No, absolutely no. I'm actually of the opinion that idealism in any form is to be avoided at all costs, just because I see what happens when idealists get hold of almost anything ... The Bolsheviks were all idealists originally, well Stalin probably wasn't, but they made a hell of a mess of the Soviet Union. Intellectuals are also very dangerous, especially intellectuals with a chip on their shoulder." (from Rock 'n Reel magazine. Issue 22, 1995)


The contributor notes "one of the songs from the Time Passages album ('A Man for All Seasons') deals with the belief thing."

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