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Alan Cumming

Cumming was interviewed by fellow actor Jennifer Jason Leigh (his co-star at the time) for the October 1998 issue of "Interview" magazine.

Leigh: Did you grow up religious?

Cumming: I was made to go to church, but no, it wasn't a very religious thing. And I'm completely atheist. I don't hold any beliefs about God and stuff. And I can't do the church thing. Last year, I was here in New York, at a Christmas party, and everyone went to midnight Mass except me. I just listened to music while they were all out, supposedly communing with God, but they were just doing it because it's habit.

L: Maybe they like it, though.

C: They don't like it. And I do like it. But I have the sort of conscience that says if you go you are supporting the myth. And it makes me angry, all that.

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