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Alejandro Amenábar

Alejandro Fernando Amenábar Cantos -- Spanish-Chilean film director, films include The Others and Agora.

"To begin with, it should be noted that the director of the film, Alejandro Amenabar, is an atheist. By his own admission, he was born and raised in a Christian family, then became an agnostic and later on an atheist." [1]

"Director Alejandro Amenábar is an atheist, and though he says he didn’t intend the film to have an anti-religious message, I think he failed. Agora is just about the most viciously anti-religious film I’ve ever seen." -- [2]

I was brought up Christian, then I was agnostic and then I realized I was atheist. But we have actors [in Agora] who are Christian. This movie is about fundamentalism and hate. [3]

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