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Angelo Cataldi

Angelo Cataldi is a radio talk show host in Philadelphia on 94.1 WIP. He was raised in Boston and is known for being a bloviating idiot that runs the morning show and espouses his unintellectual view on Philadelphia sports and convinces listeners that change the tone of sports discussion in Philadelphia. Best known for helping to drive the best Philadelphia Eagles coach in history out of town by insisting he be fired for several years before he actually was fired. Due to the fact that Angelo led with "Fire Andy" for several years on his morning show, he influenced thousands of fans in Philadelphia that take the best coach the Eagles have ever had, for granted. During this time (2011) people were fed up with the stupidity of Angelo Cataldi and 94.1 WiP's refusal to fire the douchebag host, and 97.5 The Fanatic sports radio station was born. After multiple years of "Fire Andy" chatter and an increasing groundswell, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie's hand was forced in moving on from the best era in Eagles history.

If helping to drive out one of the NFL's best coaches wasn't already jumping the shark. Angelo officially jumped the shark when in the first season of bringing in Chip Kelly (after Andy Reid's firing), he said that he wanted the best owner in Eagles history (Lurie) to sell the team, be fired, or removed. It was at that point in 2013 when thousands of Philadelphians abandoned the old 94.1 and moved on to 97.5.

While Angelo is from Boston and some have theorized that his putrid advice for Philly sports teams proves that he's an undercover traitor simply saying things that may help his place of birth, he recently made a heretical statement worthy of posting here. But as you can tell by now this author as a Philly Sports fan really just needed a place to vent publicly about this asshole.

On the October 12th Morning Show Angelo Cataldi said "My religion is the Eagles, and they won."

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