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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco is a popular folk and rock artist who also runs her own record label, Righteous Babes Records. In the March 13, 2000 issue of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, columnist Jim Walsh interviewed Difranco. Here is an excerpt:

Q: What song proves to you that there is a God?

Ani: "I'm an atheist, for Chrissake!"

The full interview may be found here.

"I'm an atheist ... how unfortunate it is to assign responsibility to the higher up for justice amongst people." -- from an interview with Matthew Rothschild in The Progressive, May 2000

From an 09-Oct-2002 Onion AV Club article titled Is There A God? [1]:

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, label mogul, and rock icon Ani DiFranco just released a live double album called So Much Shouting / So Much Laughter.

The Onion: Is there a God?

Ani DiFranco: Well, it depends on how you mean. In my book, no. I guess the quick answer would be "no" for me. I think, whatever my spiritual leanings are, that the deities are many and that we possess them. I do not assign responsibility to a higher being. I think that we're responsible to each other, and God is a metaphor.

Ani DiFranco '32 Flavors'
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