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Asia Carrera

Jessica Andrea Steinhauser (1973-) is a retired adult film actress. Known amongst fans for being able to build her own computer she gladly accepts the title of geek. She is a member of Mensa and attended Rutgers University on a full academic scholarship.

She writes on 09-Feb-2004: Allow me to confirm that yes, I am a diehard atheist, and have been since I was about 5 and discovered to my annoyance that there was no santa claus, no easter bunny, and no tooth fairy. well, that was it for me - I resolved then and there that no one was going to sucker ME into believing in any more invisible characters with superpowers! as I grew older, the more I learned about the histories of organized religions, the more convinced I became that (a) people around the world are extremely gullible, and (b) i need to get off my ass and start a religion of my own!

"So me, the completely unsuperstitious atheist, goes and posts on a message board that 'no, I don't believe in bad luck on Friday the 13th.'" - Asia Carrera on her website via a bulletin on July 13, 2006.

When Asia began performing, she took books on physics with her to the set. But after getting teased, she switched to Stephen King novels. In addition to suspense novels, Asia and [Director Bud Lee] also read on satanism -- a fascination in Porn Valley where many believe that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. The thinking goes this way -- "If Christianity hates pornography, and Christianity hates Satan, then Satan and I have a lot in common."

"I've always been an atheist," says Asia. "Science explains everything. There is no meaning in life except to be the best at something. If only I could be the best at something, perhaps my parents would love me.

"Religion is silly," says Asia. "When you're dead, you turn into a source for future flowers and plants.... I don't know what's on the other side of death and it scares me. Darkness and nothingness scare me. I'd rather face the miseries of my day-to-day life than turn into darkness.

--From a profile written by Luke Ford titled 'Bud & Hyapatia & Asia: Porn in the Family'

"All of a sudden I find atheism to be a big relief - otherwise I think I would have started painting all my ceilings with lead so I could get a little privacy around here! Hehehe!! - Asia Carrera bulletin

A contributor on the [message board] reports that at her site, Carrera says that the reference to her readings of satanism are false, simply made up by her soon to be ex-husband.

From: Asia Carrera atheist text

God said, "Let there be light." Nothing happened for a few moments. Then God said, "Who the heck am I talking to?"

Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish

A little boy prayed for a bike. Then he realized God doesn't work that way so he stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Every time someone predicts the date of the end of the world, God pushes the date back a little, just to be funny.

The religion of one age is the literary entertainment of the next.

On the 6th day, God created Man. On the 7th day, Man returned the favor.

If money is the root of all evil, why do churches want it so badly?

Is it an accident that the symbol of a bishop is a crook and the sign of an archbishop is a double-cross?

If Jesus was a Jew, how did he get a Spanish name?

Why does the Vatican have lightning rods?

If Noah took two of every animal on the ark with him, then what did they eat?

Did Noah bring termites with him on his ark?

If God's love is unconditional, then why does hell exist?

If man is fallible, is it possible his interpretations of religion are as well?

If God is all-knowing, why is prayer necessary?

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