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Brad Roberts

Roberts is the deep-voiced lead singer of the Crash Test Dummies, which is probably best known for the "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" hit song on their 1993 CD God Shuffled His Feet.

A quote from the FAQ of their official web site:

Are Crash Test Dummies Satanists?

The fact that this question even needs to be included here is testimony to how humour-impaired some individuals can be... The origins of this absurd rumour no doubt lie in a remark made by Brad when he was asked in an interview how he felt about receiving three Grammy nominations. In his typical, self-deprecatory, tongue-in-cheek manner, Mr. Roberts replied with something to the effect of "it looks like all those pacts with Satan are finally paying off..." In all truth, Brad is a self-proclaimed "icy rationalist," and it is doubtful that he believes in the existence of any deific higher power, divine or diabolic.

The full site is here:


More from the site's webmaster:

Just noticed Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies on your site. The quote you have was from a document I wrote - I thought you might prefer to list some words from the man himself.

Here's a quote from a recent interview I did with him: http://www.crashtestdummies.com/members/brad_roberts.html

Q: So we had one person who wrote in and noted that the tracklist for [Crash Test Dummies Christmas album] Jingle All The Way featured mostly religious tunes as opposed to some of the more secular Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer stuff. They were wondering if that was a conscious decision and what your personal thoughts on God and religion were.

Brad Roberts: First of all, I think the best song on the record is White Christmas and that is absolutely secular. Second, I don't give a shit about God or Christmas, but it just so happens that some of the most beautiful Christmas music is not from this century, so it ends up being more religious due to the culture at the time. When I hear myself singing about Jesus I laugh, because I don't believe in Jesus as being the son of God. He was an amazing guy, but whatever, he wasn't God and I don't base my life around his teachings. I'm singing those words purely in the spirit of the unbroken historical tradition of Christmas carols being passed on from generation to generation.

A few from poems he's written (The Theologians, Catheter) might shed some light as well:


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