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Bree Olson

Bree Olson (born October 7, 1986 in Houston, Texas) is an American pornographic actress and Penthouse Pet. Olson entered the adult industry in November 2006, and initially worked for a variety of companies including Digital Playground, Elegant Angel and Red Light District Video. In August 2007 she signed an exclusive contract with Adam & Eve, which in August 2009 was renewed for a further year. According to Olson she wanted to be a pornstar since she was young, and only waited until she was 19 because she had been in a four-year relationship until then. Olsen has performed in over 140 adult movies. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 2008, and appeared on the cover of Hustler. - wikipedia

In a video interview, she talks about why she doesn't like death:

"I'm atheist. So, I don't believe in God or anything. I know that when we die there is no heaven." Source(at 5:42)


"Anything to do with [dead] animals makes me sad. People dying. I hate death. I don't like talking about it. I'm atheist. I know that when you die, there's no heaven, so that really bums me out. I wish I could be Christian and say I'm going to heaven but I know I'm not. It sucks to know the truth."

"I've always questioned since I was a little kid. Between ten and thirteen, I was really Christian. After studying the whole Bible, I decided that this isn't true."

"I still love religion. I think religious people are really nice."

"I don't go around saying I'm atheist. How did we even get on this subject?"

"My best friend is really Christian and I never talk to her about it. I never try to convert people."

"I don't need to have a fear of God in my life to be a good person." - source

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