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Bret Easton Ellis

Ellis is the author of the trendy 1980s novel Less than Zero and the controversial American Psycho. Shortly after the release of American Psycho, an interviewer asked Ellis if he believed in God. This is what he replied: "Are you asking me if I was raised in a religious family or if I go to church? I was raised an agnostic. I don't know - I hate to fly, I have a fear of flying. That means either that I have no faith in air-traffic controllers or that I've done something really bad, and this is God's way of getting at me. Maybe I'm caught in the middle... But no, I don't believe in God. That's such a strange thing to admit in an interview."

Source: Robert Love, "Psycho Analysis," Rolling Stone, Apr. 4 1991, pp. 50-1.

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