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Brian Flemming

Brian Flemming is a playwright and film director.

His most recent work is The God Who Wasn't There, which proposes that Jesus Christ could well be a myth, and which takes a brief look at Christian fundamentalism and the Rapture. The movie contains interviews with such notable scholars as

And also a Michael-Moore-ish encounter with the head of the school he had gone to.

The film has a nice graphical presentation of the timeline of early Christianity, pointing out the gap between Jesus Christ's life and the Gospels, and how Paul, between the two, seemed to know little about him.

It also presents how Jesus Christ closely resembles other mythic heroes, noting Lord Raglan's famous profile. And also discusses the rise of urban legends, including entirely fictional ones like Brian Flemming's own "Death of a Spammer".

Brian Flemming has also been working on Danielle, a fictionalized presentation of the Jesus-myth hypothesis that resembles The Da Vinci Code. A student at a Christian school discovers that her father has been murdered -- and that he had evidence that Jesus Christ had never existed.

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