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Chris Robinson

Robinson is lead singer and lyricist for the Black Crowes.

From a January 24, 1991 profile in Rolling Stone by Kim Neely:

Chris, who contends that the Crowes' interest in voodoo paraphernalia springs from nothing more than a love of the exotic, says he found the article funny. Some, however, didn't find it so comical. The piece spawned a panicky rash of LP-and-concert-ticket bonfires organized by alarmed Christian parents in Texas and Virginia. Naturally, Robinson is eager to share his views on that sector of society. "Jesus Christ loved everyone," he says bluntly. "Jesus Christ probably loved Satan. I mean, I don't believe that God and Satan are real, but if you're a Christian, then you love everyone. And if you're a Christian and you think I'm f---ed...then f--- you."

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