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Dame Helen Mirren


Dame Helen Mirren is an English theater, television, and Academy Award-winning film actress. She is most famous for playing the eponymous role in The Queen, as well as roles in State of Play and Gosford Park. [1]
During a Nov. 25, 1990 interview with The Independent, she stated, "Sometimes I feel like a farmer during a war, someone who doesn't know very much about it and carries on digging, hoping for rain. But just the last few days I've had this terrible feeling of... doom. It's a, er, Biblical, kind of Old Testament feeling. I'm an atheist, but I was suddenly thinking of those stories of the flood and punishment. Because we've become unbelievably greedy and destructive." [2]
In an Oct. 28, 2007 article in The Independent, they write about Helen Mirren's mother:
When 87-year-old Kathleen died, her last will and testament requested that no funeral be held. She was a lifelong atheist, like her daughter. "Hell is on Earth," Helen says. "Hell is in Darfur or wherever." [3]

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