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Dan Savage

Savage is the author of the advice column 'Savage Love' (Alternately known as 'Hey, Faggot') which appears in alternative weeklies across North America, most notably in the Village Voice. In a column, a gay man wrote in about how, when he was with another man, he felt like he was "being watched... by God or angels in the room." Here is a portion of Savage's reply:

"Let me walk you through this: If there were such things as angels -- which there are not -- and if there were such a thing as God -- which there is not -- God and his heavenly host would have more important things to do than stand at the foot of your bed and watch you get fucked in the ass."


Savage talks with Oasis magazine editor Jeff Walsh about the baptism of his child:

"It was harder on my boyfriend because he's a more committed atheist and I'm a wishy-washy agnostic."


"And it was kind of important to me culturally to get the baby baptized and it didn't mean I believed any of it: virgin birth, transubstantiation, resurrection, nothing."

The interview may be found at http://www.oasismag.com/Issues/9910/cover.html

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