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David Duchovny


From an interview with Jeffrey Zaslow in USA Weekend (April 18-20, 1997): The truth is out there. That's what we're told at the start of each episode of The X-Files, Fox's alien-chasing, conspiracy-concocting, viewer-hooking sci-fi sensation. Actually, the truth is often dry and simple. That's what the show's male lead, David Duchovny, will tell you if you visit his trailer on the set of The X-Files in Vancouver, British Columbia. People may say they want answers, he says, but on many levels they really don't. The real truth about a lot of life's mysteries can be explained by science, says Duchovny, 36. "But people don't want to get in bed with science because it's cold. They prefer religion, myth, drama."

A little later in the interview: Duchovny says it's fine to use shows like his to escape from reality. But if you embrace myths and science fiction instead of science, he says, "don't be attached to the answers. The answer today might not be the answer tomorrow."


Duchovny has referred to himself as a 'fake Zen Buddhist'.


In USA Today (October 16, 1997) Duchovny said "I think people still have a need for miracles. Science keeps telling them there's no life on Mars, there's no God, nothing's trailing Hale-Bopp, those people are just dead in their Nikes. But they want to believe in something."


From a July 7, 1995 appearance on CBS's Tom Snyder show...

Caller: Do you have the same beliefs as Mulder?

Duchovny: Not necessarily. Certainly not as passionately. I am more of a 'show me' person. I'd believe in UFO's or aliens if they landed on my head, but that is about as far as it would go.


Ed. a little irony in the plotline of the X-Files television series may be of interest. Duchovny's character, Agent Fox Mulder, is an atheist who believes in extraterrestrials and various conspiracies. Conversely his FBI partner, Agent Dana Scully, is a theist who has been skeptical of UFOs and conspiracies.


A reader reports: David Duchovny has embraced the Jewish religion, even going so far as to say that his character, Fox Mulder, would most likely be Jewish as well.


03-Aug-01 - Reader James Kerwin offers "It has been established in more recent episodes of the program, in fact, that Mulder is neither an atheist nor Jewish. Mulder was given a Christian burial when he 'died' last season, and in previous recent seasons we have seen 'dream sequences' in which either Mulder or another charatcer is shown imagining Mulder's death, complete with a Christian cross over his coffin."

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