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Dick Cavett

Cavett mentioned in an interview that he finds it impossible to maintain any religious faith: "This is my religious problem: it would be wonderful to believe in the most fundamental way. It would make life easier, it would explain everything, it would give meaning where none is apparent, it would make tragedies bearable. If I went to a revival meeting, I have no doubt I could be one of the first to go down on his knees. It seems as if the only religion worth having is the simplest possible religion. But something about the fact that all it takes to make it so is deciding it IS so puts me off. Knowing it could instantly make me much happier makes it somehow unworthy of having." The religiously skeptical Cavett also contrasted himself with his grandfather, a fundamentalist Baptist minister. Cavett said, "...I hope there is a God for Grandpa Richards's sake, but don't much care if there is one for mine." Source: Cavett by Dick Cavett and Christopher Porterfield (New York: Bantam Books, 1974), pp. 56-7.

In an article for the New York Times in 2007, Cavett writes:

"I’m not an atheist exactly, but remain what you might call “suggestible.” (Is there a category of almost-atheist? A person who does not have the courage of his nonconvictions? I guess Woody Allen has, as so often, had the ultimate comic word on the subject. “You cannot prove the nonexistence of God; you just have to take it on faith.”) [1]

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