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Eddie Izzard

Izzard, a UK comedian and actor, was interviewed [1] in 2006 about his role in the film My Super Ex-Girlfriend:

One of the film's big themes is getting revenge on someone you love. Have you ever taken revenge on a lover or has an ex ever taken their revenge on you?

I don't think anyone's taken revenge on me. I try to end relationships in as equitable a way as possible, because I like to get on with people. But I worked out the only way to stop loving someone was to hate them, you know, because that 'in love' thing is just hellish - the chemicals that are released in the brain are not good. Whoever came up with that thing that said 'in love' was going to exist - I don't know who because I don't believe in God - it's a very weird thing. But hatred seems to be the only thing strong enough to kill love. That's a dangerous thing. So I have gone through that situation and it's not great, and behind all the hatred was still the love.

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