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Ellen Page


Page is an Academy Award-nominated actress, best known for playing the eponymous role in Juno. She has also been featured in such films as Inception, Smart People, and Whip It. [1]
Q: In previous interviews, you’ve called yourself a feminist, which we don’t hear a lot from 23-year-old actresses. The term itself carries a long history. How do you define it for yourself?
A: To me, the idea is, ‘Why wouldn’t I be a feminist?’ Why wouldn’t everybody be a feminist, humanist, environmentalist? It’s so funny that environmentalism has such a stigma to it or that organic food is considered a fad. Actually, no, it’s the way we have been eating for 99.99 percent of the time human beings have been on Earth.
- From a July 1, 2010 article with American Way magazine. [2]
Q: Do you consider yourselves feminists?
E: Yeah, sure, of course, definitely. Wouldn’t you think everybody would be a feminist?
A: Do you get nos?
Q: You’d be surprised.
E: It’s annoying there has to be a label for something like that. Ultimately, I’m a humanist. But if someone asks it as a yesor- no question, I’d have to say obviously. I hope that everyone would be.
- From a Oct./Nov. issue of Bust Magazine. [3]

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