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Gary Numan

Recording Artist

In a 1996(?) mailing list digest, Numan wrote "I am not religious, quite the opposite. It would seem, particularly at the moment, that in certain countries to deny having faith is virtually to admit to being a worshipper of the devil. Such is the fear, hate and hostility created by the believers of this so called all forgiving God.

"I worship nothing. Not a good lie nor a dark one. If nature is proof of God's amazing creation then I have truly seen the light, and the light is black. Nature is genius at its most cruel and savage. No benevolent God could have come up with such an outrage."

His album Exile focuses on his views on the subject.


10 Jul 2001 - Reader Matthew Roberts writes in with some background on Numan's lack of belief:

"Gary Numan: Having followed Gary's career 'religiously' and having had a few opportunities to chat to him, I'd like to try and sum up his position.

"He has stated very specifically on a number of occasions that he does not believe in God. His position is essentially based around the problem of evil. A general cynicism about the world and mankind leads him to deny that it could be the product of a benevolent god. He sees a number of personal experiences as strongly supporting this view.

"Your current article states that his 1997 album, Exile, focuses on his views on the subject. This is not strictly true. Exile was based on Gary's ideas about how a slightly skewed version of judeo-christian tradition might appear, with God actually being a force for evil. However, I would stress that it was always intended as a fictional work and that Gary does not actually believe in a god of any description. Unfortunately, some religious fans have used the lyrics as a device to argue that Gary actually is a believer, perhaps secretly or subconciously. The arguments are, in my experience, always laughable."

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