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Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer (Australian feminist intellectual and author of The Female Eunuch)

In the program " The Millennial Pope" Germaine Greer speaks movingly about suffering and God, and I was asked to respond to her cry. Although a self-proclaimed atheist, Greer, with tears in her eyes, movingly expressed her deep appreciation for religious music as a human cry toward a Presence that was "just not there." Then, in the face of the sufferings of children in Africa, she added, "If God exists, I hate him."[1]

Corroborating source: Self-described as a “Catholic atheist” Germaine Greer is most famous for her feminist book, The Female Eunuch. However, while she is widely regarded for her formidable intellect and her cogent arguments, she is less well known for her opinions on faith and religion. On the program Millennial Pope, it is claimed that she said religious music was a human cry toward a presence that was “just not there,” as well as expressing reservations about accepting a God who allowed such terrible suffering to take place in the world. The argument about a God who allows suffering to be incongruent with religious doctrine is well known, but not from the mouth of Germaine Greer.

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