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Henry Rollins

In spoken word video "Talking From The Box", Rollins says he is not a spiritual person and does not believe in an afterlife.


A reader said a poem titled "Such a Drag" that he reads from his CD "A nicer shade of red" may be of interest:

For years I have clinged no soulless hole, I belong to no country, no
one, through blasted desert crust and ceaseless oblivion I have past, I
have moved through seemingly endless nights, leaving scattered pieces of
myself to be erased by heat, punishing the wind and time, friend of no
man, brother to north, south, east and west, walker of the ruined
valleys, keeper of no secrets, no treaties, no alliances, possessor of
nothing, stripped of wisdom, relieved of ambition, I claim nothing.
I push this mortal friend, a few seasons of sun and cold, under blank
and angry skies, I do not wonder, I do not ask why, I have no questions,
no reasons, no love of mankind or need for civilization, I do not
acknowledge a god, or fear pain, poverty or death, if my cup become full
- I will throw the cup away, should my heart become heavy - I will throw
away my heart, should my mind become tormented - I will forget my
thoughts, if hate seeks to consume me 


In a monologue on The Henry Rollins Show, he stated, “In the theory of evolution there is no talk of God and no Bibles are used. They're not looking for higher powers, extraterrestrials, or anything else that could be found in the science fiction section, because they are not dealing with fiction.” [1]

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