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Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock, lead singer of alternative rock band Modest Mouse.

From the 07 Apr 2004 Onion AV Club [1]:

Onion: Since both God and Mad Max both appear in the lyrics of the new album, do you have any interest in The Passion Of The Christ?

Isaac Brock: I totally want to see it! I like period movies, and it also sounds brutal. Seeing as I'm not really religious at all, nothing in it's really going to bother me. And I don't think one movie's really going to make the religious world any crazier. They're already fucking crazier than a shithouse rat.

Onion: Do you still consider yourself an atheist?

Isaac Brock: Pretty much, but there are things that make me think. Like that guy who played Jesus [Jim Caviezel] getting hit by lightning during the filming of that movie? That just makes you think, "I can't be 100 percent sure." But I'm not going to change my game plan anyway. I don't think I'm living wrong in the first place, so when the lights go out on me, and brighter ones come on and I have to talk to some guy with a big, bushy beard, or some big glowing blob, I think I'm going to be fine. I'm 100 percent on the whole Christianity thing being a crock of shit, pretty much, but I don't give a fuck if other people are religious. Believe what you want. Whatever makes the day easier for you.

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