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Jack Germond


Jack Germond (January 30, 1928 – August 14, 2013) was a member of the panel on the weekly PBS show "Inside Washington" and a journalist for "The Baltimore Sun."

He remarked publicly a number of times both in the press and television (e.g., on the The McLaughlin Group) about his lack of religious belief.

In an "Inside Washington" program broadcast February 3, 2001 about President Bush's faith-based initiative, Germond said:

"I don't quarrel with the proposition that faith-based organizations do worthwhile things, they do. They should do it with their own money. The fact is, if we start getting public money in there, it is inevitable that we're going to get a little bit of religion along with it. And for people like me, who are not believers, that is absolutely outrageous, and it's unconstitutional."

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