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Jack Kevorkian

Retired Pathologist/Right to Die Activist

He has said numerous times (in TIME magazine and while interviewed by Barbara Walters, for example) that he is an agnostic.


In a 60 Minutes interview broadcast May 19, 1996, interviewer Andy Rooney asked Kevorkian about religion and whether he believed in God. Kevorkian responded "I might be, but my religion centers in a different area than what's considered conventional religion." Rooney followed up by saying that he usually assumes that people who respond that way aren't religious. Kevorkian then said something like what is important is ones own inner spirituality (which seemed like he was trying to ease the blow to anyone who might take offense to the fact that he's not religious). Then he broke out of his shell and started talking about how we, as a nation, have to stop basing public policy on pure emotion and that a great majority of the wars in our history were started because of the irrationality of religion. Kevorkian also revealed who his god was; he said "Bach." He then stated "At least I didn't make mine [god] up."


Some additional quotes:

"I don't call it a 'law.' It is the arbitrary codification of an edict, for the sole benefit of a barbaric religious clique." (February 21, 1993 carried by the Associated Press, commenting on the Michigan law passed specifically to stop him)

"Those now in control of society's destiny are against my proposals simply because they cannot escape some 'eternal truths' of religion or of their own rigid and unreflexive opinions." (his 1991 book "Prescription: Medicide," page 172)

In discussing capital punishment: "Even the various gods invented by humankind to help face the terrifying unknowns of existence are in favor of the ultimate penalty.... Yahweh and Allah have condemned and executed millions guilty of the capital crime of lacking faith." (page 66 of his book)

At a National Press Club Luncheon on July 29, 1996, Jack Kevorkian stated "I'm basically an agnostic."


At a (December 1998?) news conference, Kevorkian was asked by a reporter "What religion are you?" His reply was "I'm agnostic, what difference does is make?"

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