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Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (born 11 April 1960) is an English broadcaster and journalist who specialises in motoring. He is best known for his role on the BBC TV show Top Gear along with co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May. He also writes weekly columns for The Sunday Times and The Sun.

In one of his books, "For crying out loud", Jeremy says: [...]"I have no regrets about being an atheist, "[...]

In the final piece in "For Crying Out Loud", titled "Unhand my patio heater, archbishop", he writes:

"I genuinely believe we are born with a moral compass and we don't need it reset every Sunday morning by some weird-beard communist in a dress. I am, as you may have gathered, completely irreligious, but it doesn't stop me trying to be kind to others [...] Morally, the world would be no worse if religion were abolished. Practically, it would be much, much better."
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