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John Landis


Landis is an American film director. His most famous movies include 'An American Werewolf in London', 'The Blues Brothers', 'Animal House', and Michael Jackson's music videos for 'Thriller' and 'Black or White'. [1]
Landis was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's 'The Film Programme on November 4th, 2011. He stated, "When people say that they're not afraid of this or not afraid of that, to me that's very much like people saying I don't like opera, I don't like ballet, or I don't like the theatre. What I've learnt is that means they've never seen a good one, that's all it means. You know, I'm an atheist, but when I saw the Exorcist I was really frightened because of the skill of William Friedkin and what's called the suspension of disbelief". [2]

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