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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, Comedian and host of the daily show

Jon often refers to his Jewish heritage. On the season 19 Episode 112 Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon makes a comment that seems he might not believe any longer.

In a story about the possibility of Herman Cain running for President, Herman implies that God will be making that decision. Jon Stewart then talks to God through the camera. At first he doesn't know what to call God as he goes by several names and there are different versions. Jon Stewart said, "I don't know what form you're going to use whether you want that name or the other name, new testament or old testament in terms of classification. It's been a while, you know, since you and I talked. After the Bar Mitzvah checks cleared I kind of got out of the business for a while."

Jon then goes on to ask god for Herman Cain to run for President implying that it would be great for his show and the comedic value a Herman Cain Presidential bid would bring.

Jon then goes on to say, "Look this isn't going to work. I'm just a lapse jew on basic cable. I'm sure you probably know that I celebrate passover with a bacon egg and cheese crossain'wich every year.

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