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Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan David Edwards CBE (May 10, 1966 - London, England) is a retired British triple jumper. During his career he won an Olympic Gold Medal and currently holds the world record in the event. He currently works as a sports broadcaster.

'Having left his sport as a dyed-in-the-wool evangelical, Edwards is now, to all intents and purposes, an atheist.'

'"Once you start asking yourself questions like, 'How do I really know there is a God?' you are already on the path to unbelief," Edwards says. "During my documentary on St Paul, some experts raised the possibility that his spectacular conversion on the road to Damascus might have been caused by an epileptic fit. It made me realise that I had taken things for granted that were taught to me as a child without subjecting them to any kind of analysis. When you think about it rationally, it does seem incredibly improbable that there is a God."'

The upheaval of recent months has not left Edwards emotionally scarred, at least not visibly. "I am not unhappy about the fact that there might not be a God," he says. "I don't feel that my life has a big, gaping hole in it. In some ways I feel more human than I ever have. There is more reality in my existence than when I was full-on as a believer. [1]

"If there is no God, does that mean that life has no purpose? Does it mean that personal existence ends at death? They are thoughts that do my head in. One thing that I can say, however, is that even if I am unable to discover some fundamental purpose to life, this will not give me a reason to return to Christianity. Just because something is unpalatable does not mean that it is not true." http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/more_sport/athletics/article1991114.ece?Submitted=true]

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