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Jonathan Katz


Katz is probably best known for his lead role in Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist on Comedy Central. He is also a co-creator of the series.

He appeared on the July 19th, 1999 installment of Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect on ABC where the producers were trying to build a religiously diverse panel to discuss the meaning of life. Actor Patrick Duffy represented the devout Buddhist. There was a renegade Bishop and a born-again Christian as well. Ironically, Maher introduced Katz incorrectly as a "practicing Jew".

The planned discussion of the meaning of life was overtaken by the untimely death of JFK Jr., his wife and her sister. Here's an excerpt:

Bill Maher: What would the Jews say about this?

Jonathan Katz: I think the Jewish perspective on this would be "Oi --

[ Laughter ]

-- not again."

[ Applause ]

Just to clarify what you said earlier, Bill, I am Jewish, but I was raised superstitious.

[ Laughter ]

I actually don't believe in God. I do believe, though, that you shouldn't step on the cracks on the sidewalk.

[ Laughter ]

Bill: I see.

Jonathan: And science will bear me out, that it actually is dangerous.

Bill: But you do actu -- you don't believe in God at all?

Jonathan: I do not believe in God.

Bill: Really? So you are atheistic?

Jonathan: Yes.

Bill: Okay.

Jonathan: And my parents were atheists.


The official Dr. Katz website may be found at http://www.comcentral.com/katz/.

--with contributions from SP, JLil, 07, WE and others

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