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Joy Behar

Talk Show Host

Behar is an American comedienne, actress, and talk show personality. She is best known as a co-host on The View and for hosting The Joy Behar Show. [1]
On an ABC News show, Focus on Faith (hosted by Father Edward Beck on, I believe, March 17, 2011), Behar stated:
EB: I said to you before, Wikipedia, I don't know if you can believe anything on Wikipedia. It said on there that you think that now you're an agnostic. What does that mean?
Joy Behar: Well, I would go to that. I wouldn't call myself an atheist. Because that's a commitment to something. I'm a-theist. And I'm not atheist. Cause I feel very modest in this conversation in the sense that I don't know. I don't know what it is.
EB: But do you pray to someone, something out there?
Joy Behar : No.
EB: You don't.
Joy Behar : No.

Further in the interview, video no longer online...

EB: Isn't there a way to still have a connection with something that is bigger than you believe in? That sustains you?

Joy Behar: I wish I could. I would like to. I'm sustained by my family, my brain, my life. But I don't believe there is an afterlife, I don't believe it.

EB: When you're dead you're dead?

Joy Behar: Yes, that's how it is, sorry. I don't believe it, I've never seen any proof to the contrary.

Joy Behar (5:31): I don't believe there is a higher power that created human beings. There's too many galaxies out there. there's too many questions to answer, too many questions to ask for me to say well this is the answer. I just don't see it.

Joy Behar (6:01, speaking about her daughter): I never gave her any religion because I felt I was brainwashed.

Joy Behar (10:20 about conservative religious co-hosts on The View): I'm happy about that. What I don't like is the irrationality about the religious position. I find it very hard to understand when someone doesn't believe in evolution when there is so much to read. I can't imagine what Darwin went through when he came out with this theory, in fact I read he had to keep it to himself for like 25 years because he knew he would get a push back. So I'm perfectly fine around religious people, I'm happy that they believe. I can't listen to the Earth was created in seven days when there is too much information around that tells you the opposite.

Joy Behar (13 minutes, referring to meaning in life without religion): I don't feel empty. I find life to have much much more meaning now than when I used to. I'm close to my real self, I've overcome so many obstacles like low self esteem. I see the day as something to sink myself into.

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