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Justin Currie

Songwriter/Recording Artist

Currie is lead singer, songwriter and bass player for the Scottish pop-rock band Del Amitri, along with Iain Harvie, is one of only two members of the group to be present throughout its entire existence.

From an article published in the Village View, Oct 9-15, 1992 (article entitled "Meet Del Amitri: Singer Justin Currie Talks About Fame, Atheism, and the Fleeting Nature of Love," by Angela Whiting):

While on the subject of abstract personal ideology, Currie offers that he is "fiercely atheist." "I wasn't raised in a religious family, so I've never really had to reject anything. There is, however, a lot to be said for Christian morality. There are some strong altruistic ideals that run through Christianity, but believing in something you can't see, touch, feel or hear in any way . . . the whole idea of blind faith, following orders--that's where fascism comes from."

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