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Kari Byron

Kari Elizabeth Byron(born December 18, 1974) is a television host, artist, and atheist. She is originally from San Francisco. Kari Byron is best known for her featured role on the Discovery Channel show MythBusters. Kari also hosts a show on the Science channel called Head Rush which takes segments from Mythbusters interspersed with original science in a fast paced one hour show with limited commercials.

In a March 30, 2011 interview with Suicide Girls, she states:
"I am an atheist, but I don’t begrudge anyone for whatever belief systems they hold." [1]

From her Twitter account on 8/6/11:
"Went to Moss Beach Distillery hoping to be haunted by the Blue Lady. Still an atheist. Damn it." [2]


Kari Byron on Head Rush
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