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Kathleen Hanna

Recording Artist

In the September 9, 1998 edition of The San Francisco Bay Guardian is an interview with Kathleen Hanna. She was a member of the 1990s punk band Bikini Kill and is now embarking on a solo career. She and the band were closely tied to the Riot Grrrl feminist movement. The story is about this new move and her new album. In the piece Hanna says, "I don't believe in God, but I believe God invented four-tracks".

The story is available online at http://www.sfbg.com/AandE/32/49/julie.html.

In a video interview entitled "People Are a Trip #2: Kathleen Hanna & God" by Kill Rock Stars spoken-word artist Juliana Luecking, there is the following exchange:

Interviewer: What does God look like?
Hanna: There is no God. There's no God. There's God. Like, God doesn't look like anything, cause there is no such thing as God.
Interviewer: No such thing
Hanna: But, so, I don't think it really looks like anything. I think it's just like a good force in the world. You know what I mean? Like, that thing that, when you're really freaked out, makes you NOT kill yourself. So, in a way, it's like the thing that lives in like any good artwork, or any great song that makes you happy, or a conversation you have with a friend that makes you feel like you exist and they exist and you're really happy you both exist. Like, that's God." [1]

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