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Ken Stringfellow

Stringfellow is the singer of the Seattle band the Posies. The following entry of his is from a published studio log:

"When Bob was building the studio--actually he's still building it--he was cutting some Chinese marble up into various floor & wall pieces, when he came across what appeared (to him) to be an image of Jesus (I'm not kidding about this) in one of the chunks of marble. We've seen it and personally it looks more like a Klingon warship than an object of worship...anyhow now it rests in the corner of the room where we have the drums set up, but it since its return from Az. we believe it to be the source of some serious bad juju. Being a band of atheists, maybe it's angry Haysoos getting us back. Here's some examples of curse-like symptoms that started plaguing us today w/"His" return: I sat down in one of the chairs in the control room, and immediately one of the legs slid into a hole in the floor, knocking it & me over.

I leaned against a section of wall, which suddenly collapsed and brought a heavy ceiling board down on my head...oooooh, child.

Not to mention the swarm of huge, cow-like flies that coated every wall."

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