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Larry Fessenden

Film Director

Fessenden is interviewed by Peter Graham about his 1995 independent film Habit, which Graham calls "a horror movie that has a romantic and nostalgic tone" and later asks Fessenden about the religious themes in the film:

PG: Sounds religious...

LF: Yes and no. I'm a wretched atheist and existentialist. I don't believe in God at all; I think there's nothing. On the other hand, I'm probably more religious than the average Joe, because I feel that there's something to be revered. The wind and the trees, the mystery. Habit is about that other thing, the mystery. Sam wants to believe in this other power, that this woman he's dating is a vampire, that she's the undead. He buys into something that is ludicrous and romantic. He has this great yearning and there's no way for him to show that.

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